The secret to luminous, radiant skin

Enjoy our exquisite PHYT’S facials. PHYT’S products are 100% natural, certified organic and based on the complex synergy of plants, flowers, vitamins and trace minerals. 

All our skin care treatments include a thorough skin consultation and skin analysis to ensure that you receive the best treatment suited to your skin type and skin conditions.

Balance Facial - $99

Brightens, detoxifies, hydrates & balances the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Deep Cleanse Facial - $105

To deeply cleanse, purify and heal oily or blemished skin. Includes steam and extractions.

 Revitalising Facial - $102

An anti-wrinkle preventative, this facial energises and revitalises combination and oily skins. 

Ultra-calming Facial - $109

Ideal for the most sensitive skin. A gentle facial treatment to calm redness, strengthen capillary walls and soothe the skin. 

Rejuvenating Facial - $115

The ultimate anti-ageing treatment for mature skin, helping to firm, oxygenate and regenerate. 

Brightening Facial - $125

A facial for effective action on pigmentation, enhancing skin radiance and clarity. Reduces intensity of dark spots and visible skin discolouration.   

 Multi Vitamin Boost Facial - $115

With a powerhouse of active vitamins and minerals , this facial is excellent for rejuvenation. A speedy 'pick-me-up' cocktail with long lasting results to lift, firm and moisturise.

Hydrating Facial - $125

Ultra hydrating, moisture boost for skins that need plumping & smoothing. Fantastic for fine lines, dehydrated and dry skin.

Teen Facial $75

Targets teenage skin concerns: includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, mask and high frequency.

The Signature Facial - $149

A truly unforgettable facial expereince combining the ultimate blend of skincare therapy and massage. Includes an organic facial, neck, back and shoulder massage, scalp and hand massage.

Petite Facial - $65

Ideal for those on a time limit. Includes cleanse, exfolation and mask.