Add volume, length and curl to your natural lash with our professional Eyelash Extensions.

Full set of Eyelash Extensions $120
Eyelash Extensions Infill  POA
Eyelash Extension Removal $25-$35
Lash extensions are uplifting for
  • The mature woman who has found that her lashes have thinned with age
  • The bride who wants focus on eyes and have her look carry throughout the honeymoon.
  • The time poor mum or working woman who wants the effect of makeup, without wasting precious time in the morning. No more Mascara! 
  • Anybody who wants to wake with a beautiful lash line every morning
Choose luscious lashes
  • Gone are the days of the often unreliable fake bar eyelashes. Now there is stunning individual eyelash extensions that are applied directly to your lashes - ensuring longer, darker and more natural looking lashes, that can last for up to a month.
So how is it done?
  • Using tweezers and a bonding agent, an experienced lash stylist applies one synthetic lash to one natural lash, the process is repeated until your ideal length and volume is achieved. The procedure is painless and the results are breathtakingly beautiful.
Tell me more?
  • The extensions are applied to your individual eyelashes one at a time.
  • Each set of lashes is tailored to suit your natural eye shape while helping you achieve the look you want. 
  • The result is thicker, longer eye opening lashes that are safe in the shower, while swimming, sleeping or exercising. 
  • The eyelash extensions can last the length of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Everyone's experience will differ based on day to day activities.
  • Lash rebalance is required every 2 weeks to refill any missing lashes. 
  • The treatment takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete 
  • The procedure gives you 60 to 120 lashes per eye.
  • Though Xtreme Lash Extensions are easy to maintain, the first twenty-four hours are crucial for a strong bond. You should keep your lashes dry and avoid touching them. 
  • After twenty-four hours, care is fairly simple: avoid oil based products and be gentle with your lashes
And the result?

Below is a before and after image demonstrating the dramatic effect of Xtreme Lashes. 

Eyelash Extensions - before & after

Are Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions right for you?
  • You have healthy eyes. 
  • You do NOT have allergies/sensitivities to acrylates or cyanoacrylate adhesives.
  • You are comfortable lying down for a few hours with your eyes closed 
During the first 48 hours after your lash application, you can AVOID: 
  • Exposing your Xtreme lashes to water, heat, sauna, steam and friction. 
  • Applying eye cosmetics or skin care products to your lashes or your eyelids during the first 48 hours. 
  • Receiving irritating eye area treatments, such as chemical peels, skin resurfacing procedures, laser, ect.
  • Sleeping on your side or stomach (sleep on back instead). 
Prepare for your lash application for long-lasting Xtreme Lashes and a comfortable experience: 
  • Remove all makeup, including foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, eye creams, and eye serums. 
  • Clean lashes gently but thoroughly before you arrive to remove any residual oils or mascara.
  • Shower before you arrive.
  • Do not wear contacts to you lash application appointment. Wear glasses to your appointment instead. 
  • Do not curl your lashes on the day of your lash application. 
  • Do not apply heavy creams, lotions, or oils to you face within 48 hours prior to your lash application. 
  • Wait 48 hours after lash removal prior to having your new set applied.  
  • Do not receive chemical treatments to you lashes such as tinting or perming within 48 hours prior to you lash application appointment.
  • Consult with your Xtreme lashes Stylist if you have recently had any irritating eye area treatments such as skin resurfacing procedures, chemical peels, laser treatments, or permanent makeup application.
  • Consult with your Physician prior to your lash application appointment if you are pregnant, taking medication, suffer from any medical conditions or allergies, or recovering from any medical procedures. 
How ofter should I get touch ups? 

Every 2-3 weeks, approximately 1/3 of the lashes will have cycled out. At this point, touch-ups are required to replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle. Leaving the Eyelash Rebalance long than 4 weeks will require the application of a full set of Eyelash Extensions.  

 Do I need to use any special products on my Xtreme Lashes Lash Extensions? 

Optionally, you can use Xtreme Protective Coating, which acts as a sealer on the adhesive, creating an even stronger bond to the natural lash. Xtreme Protective coating is especially recommended to clients with oily skin or those who do not carefully maintain their lashes.

If you choose to wear mascara we recommend using one of Xtreme Lashes water-based mascaras and Xtreme Lashes Eye Makeup Remover, specially formulated for Lash Extensions. Apply mascara on the tips only.